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30 June 2009 @ 12:17 am
seven letter word for liar 4/19  
“Oh, yes, I’ve spent months imagining this exact moment, and let me tell you, I really nailed it, right down to the lovely aroma of organic syrup,” Wilson chuckled. “No, but really, when I offered to take you to breakfast, this was the only place you could think of? You need to get out more.” house, md. chapter 4.



“That may just be the most compelling love story I’ve ever heard,” Cameron teased, poking a fork into her pancake. She’d just managed to force Wilson to reveal his real reasons for coming back to PPTH. Upon uncovering the truth that House was what really persuaded Wilson to return, she couldn’t help but tease him.

Wilson laughed. “Is that sarcasm I’m detecting from Allison Cameron?” he questioned as if taken aback. “Funny, I remember when we all thought you were nice and charming.”

“Who said I wasn’t still charming?” she asked, feigning offense. After a moment she broke out into a grin. “Well, it’s good to have you back. How does it feel, sitting here in this high class cafeteria eating a disgusting meal of rubber pancakes with fake butter? Is it exactly like you pictured it would be?”

“Oh, yes, I’ve spent months imagining this exact moment, and let me tell you, I really nailed it, right down to the lovely aroma of organic syrup,” Wilson chuckled. “No, but really, when I offered to take you to breakfast, this was the only place you could think of? You need to get out more.”

Cameron grinned. “I thought it was the perfect setting for your return to the hospital,” she insisted. “Plus I’m on call, so I figured I might as well be nearby. Not to mention, the thought of House catching us together is mildly entertaining.”

Wilson glanced up at the clock. “Seven twenty six,” he replied, nodding. “Not bad. Luring me here under false pretenses and timing everything so perfectly. We may have all misjudged your powers of manipulation.”

Cameron nodded, looking quite proud of herself. “And that’s exactly why all of my plans work so seamlessly,” she insisted. “People should really stop underestimating me.”

“You are an evil genius,” Wilson surrendered, bowing exaggeratedly.

Cameron laughed. “Why, thank you,” she remarked, taking a sip of her green tea. She smiled over the rim as she lowered it from her lips. “Well, someone’s early today,” she informed Wilson.

Wilson spun around and grinned as House walked into the cafeteria, twirling his cane aimlessly as he waited in the breakfast line. Cameron knew House was in early this morning, and whenever he was in early, he always ate breakfast at the same time, seven thirty.

Wilson turned back to Cameron. “So now what’s your plan to get him to notice us?”

Cameron’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Seriously?” she asked. “House would notice if a matchbox car was missing from his desk.”

Wilson wagged his finger at Cameron. “But who’s to say he’ll actually come over here? He might see your evil ploy for what it actually is...an evil ploy.”

Cameron tried to remain optimistic, but her face fell. “He wouldn’t...” she began.

“No,” Wilson remarked theatrically. “He would never deny you the satisfaction of seeing his face plastered with confusion and betrayal while he attempted to figure out why we were sneaking around behind his back.”

Cameron rolled her eyes. “Okay, so he might ignore us,” she agreed. “But it will still get to him. No matter what you say, I know it will still get to him.”

“Maybe,” Wilson replied. “But is it really worth the plastic pancakes?”

“I happen to enjoy synthetic food,” Cameron said with a straight face. Her eyes scanned past Wilson to the breakfast line, but House was nowhere to be found. She sighed. “You win,” she admitted.

Wilson smiled suspiciously.

Cameron narrowed her eyes. “He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”

Wilson nodded while Cameron spun around.

“Morning,” House teased. “Were you saving my seat?”

Cameron ignored his remark. “Go harass Thirteen,” she suggested. “Isn’t that what you pay her for?”

“No, I paid you to put up with me,” House corrected. “Thirteen’s merely eye candy.”

“I thought Kutner was your eye candy,” Wilson interjected, looking confused. “My mistake.”

Cameron’s eyes lit with laughter.

“And apparently Dr. Cameron is your new eye candy,” House rebuked, obviously not thrilled by Cameron and Wilson’s newfound friendship.

Cameron nearly snorted while Wilson rolled his eyes.

“You figured it out,” Cameron praised House. “We’re sleeping together.”

House grabbed a chair from a nearby table and dragged it over to their table. He sat down carelessly. “No, no,” he remarked, shaking his head. “You’re obviously not sleeping together. For starters, you’ve already fixed him which leaves you with nothing left to desire. Also, even if he is relatively deficient, you’d never cheat on Chase, The Boy Wonder from Down Under. And most importantly, Wilson can’t go after you,” House explained. “I called dibs.”

Cameron laughed loudly. “You can’t call dibs on a person,” she insisted.

“Oh, you totally can,” Wilson disagreed. He shot her an apologetic look. “And, he did.”

Cameron stared at Wilson, shocked. “Whose side are you on anyway?”

Wilson shrugged. “I’m just here to eat breakfast,” he claimed innocently.

“See, he’s on my side,” House grinned, winking at Cameron. “And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the cafeteria only for staff use?”

Cameron furrowed a brow. “What are you planning on convincing me I was fired or something ridiculous like that?”

House pondered. “Like the idea, but not sure how I would develop it. Too messy. No, actually I was referring to the fact that you’re not scheduled to work for another twenty four hours and yet here you are, abusing your employee privileges. It’s such a shame. This new position of power has gone straight to your head.”

“Yeah, I’m the egomaniac,” Cameron remarked sarcastically. “And it just so happens I’m on call.”

“On call isn’t the same as on the clock,” House insisted.

Cameron crossed her arms. “Why do you have my schedule memorized?” she challenged.

“Interesting,” Wilson offered, grinning wildly.

“Hey, you’re on my side,” House reminded Wilson. He smirked at Cameron. “Of course I have your schedule memorized. I have to know at exactly what time I should be arriving at my favorite peep hole going from the men’s locker room to the women’s locker room.”

Cameron rolled her eyes. “Nice cover,” she complimented.

“Locker number 246,” House added impressively, knowing it would make Cameron wonder as to whether he was lying or not.

She didn’t falter for a moment, though she was a bit unnerved at his knowledge of her locker number. “Although I’m not officially on the clock,” she agreed, “Wilson did invite me out for breakfast and he did pay, which according to the cafeteria guidelines, means I’ve as much right to be in here as you do. Even more probably, because I’m willing to bet that you didn’t pay for everything on your tray.”

House shrugged, revealing the hidden sausage links under his pancakes. “You have to know how to work the system,” he defended. He turned to Wilson then looked back at Cameron, his eyes searching for something more than they were giving him. “So really, why are you two having breakfast together?”

Wilson eyed Cameron innocently. “We’re friends,” he said sincerely. “Some people have more than one person that they talk to regularly. It’s considered normal. Healthy even.”

Unfortunately, House was unable to compute sincerity. He could only comprehend suspicion, and this to him, was suspicious.

“Right,” he remarked, dubiously, ignoring the insult. He turned to Cameron. “Money trouble?”

Cameron nearly choked on her tea. “You think I’m borrowing money from Wilson?”

“In return for a lap dance,” Wilson sighed, mocking House’s theory.

Cameron grinned. “Or,” she offered. “Maybe I’m trying to make Chase jealous,” she suggested.

Wilson grinned, playing along. “Because he doesn’t pay enough attention to her, and me being the loyal oncologist friend that I am, well, I just couldn’t say no. I mean, have you ever seen her pouty face? It’s no wonder she gets whatever she wants from Cuddy.” He grinned at Cameron. “Come on, show him the face.”

Cameron shot House a pouty look, fluttering her eyelashes strategically, before bursting into laughter along with Wilson.

House rolled his eyes, grabbing his tray and scoffing at the two. “Clever,” he admitted. “But it doesn’t mean I’m not right. Something is going on with you two.”

Cameron and Wilson exchanged amused glances as House walked away.

“Too far?” Wilson suggested, grinning wildly.

“Oh, I don’t think we went far enough,” she laughed.

Wilson laughed. “By the way, that was the scariest pouting face I’ve ever seen. Seriously, don’t ever do that again.”

Cameron kicked him.

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