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29 June 2009 @ 11:43 pm
seven letter word for liar - 1/19  
Cameron felt like she’d been shot. His eyes taunted hers, forcing her to realize that nothing she said could erase the past or change how she felt about it. “Yeah,” she agreed quietly, stumbling out into the hallway, the urge to run away from him suddenly very dire. She couldn’t erase his eyes from her memory. The cold, unforgiving truth glaring back at her, demanding that she recognize something she’d tried desperately to repress. house, md starts mid-season four. a between the lines glance at house and cameron's new sort of relationship. follows the storyline of seasons 4 and 5.

This takes place directly after No More Mr. Nice Guy.


Cameron stirred her coffee vigorously, harnessing all of her bottled up energy into spinning around the red stirrer, rather than thinking about the problem that had been nagging at her all day. She bit her lip slightly as a stray strand of blonde hair fell into her face. She sighed, slamming the spoon down. This was ridiculous.

Allison Cameron had been through much more than most people her age. She pulled herself through med school, watched her husband die, guilted herself for years over the love she felt for her husband’s best friend Joe, stood firm for three years under House’s rule, despite his belittling and teasing, and left House’s dictatorship on her own terms. Now she ran the entire ER and didn’t have to jump every time House tapped his cane theatrically onto the floor. She could tell him no as much as she wanted and get some sleep at night. She could ignore him and challenge him and not feel bad about insulting her boss. He sought her out, not vice versa. He came looking for her when he was bored, or stumped, or merely hiding from Cuddy. Most of the time, he didn’t even treat her as an inferior. She had in many respects, become his equal.

Chase too, had changed drastically since House fired him. He now thought nothing of mocking House and arguing with him, and well, he’d become much more brazen than she ever realized he could be. She had to admit, the transformation was definitely for the better. She doubted she’d still be with him if he hadn’t toughened up.

So then why were five little words harassing her senselessly, poking at her chest, and causing the familiar feelings of anxiety she’d become all too accustomed to since college? Now that she was free of House’s rule and able to respect Chase enough to date him, why was she now suddenly struck by her boyfriend’s stupid question?

“You know, if you wanted to punish it, you could just give it to your little wombat friend,” a familiar voice sneered. “I’m sure just a moment in his repulsive, little mouth would be punishment enough for that liquid which you obviously loathe so passionately.”

Cameron frowned, unpinching her fingers and allowing the spoon to clank loudly against the rim of the coffee cup. She spun around to face House. “I’m just tired,” she insisted, shooting him a look. She’d hoped he’d assume she was pms-ing and leave her alone. House hated dealing with any sort of emotional mess.

Naturally, the one time she wanted him to leave, he didn’t.

“So, Thirteen tells me you compared me to Mozart,” he teased.

Cameron’s eyes narrowed. “Thirteen has a big mouth.” She paused. “It was merely a metaphor. The only positive thing I said about you was that you were a good doctor and better than Hitler. That leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation.”

House smiled, clearly amused. Inwardly, Cameron cringed. He was just beginning to enjoy this conversation. She knew that look cold. She was his little test subject for the morning, and she had inadvertently been roped into playing his little game.

Good doctor?” House asked, feigning insult.

Cameron rolled her eyes, forcing herself not to give away a smile. He would enjoy that entirely too much. She shrugged. “Always room for improvement,” she offered.

House shook his head at her. “Always with the proverbs,” he griped. “And you’re right. Thirteen has a very big mouth.”

Cameron remained composed, waiting for the big news House so obviously wanted to deliver to her. Of course, she could also see him construing his last statement as some sexual joke, but his tone seemed a bit too cocky for such a juvenile maneuver. Curiosity tugged at her, eager to hear where this comment would take them. She hated how engrossing his words were to her, but she couldn’t deny their appeal. She found everything about him fascinating, even if she didn’t like it or approve of her transfixion. The point was, when he spoke, inwardly, she was still as mesmerized as she had been when he first hired her. The difference now was that she’d calloused substantially since her first year in this hospital. She’d learn to disassociate herself with her patients and even more so with her fellow colleagues. Cameron no longer conveyed every thought that raced through her head, no longer fixed House’s coffee or made sure he was alright. If he needed her, he’d find her, and he certainly knew how to do that. She merely kept the fact that she actually cared about him to herself, hiding it from Chase, and most importantly, House. No more allowing him to use her personal feelings to his advantage. She’d grown out of his childish antics.

“See now, this is where you would normally butt in with a very enthusiastic ‘What else did Thirteen say?’ in that sweet, little, irritating voice of yours.”

Cameron shrugged, using her index finger to push her glasses farther up on her nose. “I figure if you want to tell me, you’ll tell me.”

It took every muscle in her body to restrain the smile threatening to creep across her face. This was killing him. She could tell. He had that look in his eye, like she was a mystery he was dying to unravel. He loved puzzles, and that was precisely what she had become to him, a rather precarious enigma. Watching him hide his frustrations at her dismissive demeanor thrilled her. She liked to watch him squirm, because the opportunities were so few and far between. She also secretly prided herself of knowing that she was one of the only people close enough to House to make him uncomfortable. She had power over him, and while she had no idea how much power or what this power meant to him, it was enough to know that it was there and she held it. Their relationship was not on his terms anymore.

He squinted his eyes as if trying to pry into her head. He used his cane to slide the chair next to her across the floor to where he stood, and he straddled the seat slowly, his chest resting on the chair’s back.

“Okay,” he began at last, succumbing to her game. “So you don’t care at all what Thirteen said to me?”

Cameron smiled and shook her head. “Nope,” she lied. “Of course, Thirteen wouldn’t exactly confide in you with anything significant, because well, I don’t think she likes you that much, which is a pretty consistent take on your personality, so my guess is, whatever this news is that has you in such a great mood, you overheard it.”

House smirked. “Doesn’t matter how I heard,” he toyed, unable to admit that she was correct in her assumption. “Point is, I know something you don’t know,” he teased in his mocking singsong voice. His eyes lit up just like a little kid’s.

Cameron laughed, angry with herself for not being able to stand firm in her battle against him. “Fine,” she agreed rolling her eyes. “You’re obviously dying to tell me whatever it is that you heard, so how about you make it fast and let me get back to…”

“Killing your coffee?” he nodded. “Of course. I do harbor a soft spot in my heart for murderers, so I’ll be sure to let you get right back to that.”

She met his amused glare, her eyes laughing. She thought about throwing her spoon at him, but knew that he’d enjoy knowing he got to her. She was becoming overwhelmed in her attempts to stifle his gaming tactics.

“Where’s Chase?” House asked suddenly, peering around the room. “He’s not on call, and usually when he’s done work I find him suctioned to your side.” He paused. “Or is it your ass he prefers to be plastered to? I don’t know how you two like it.”

Cameron crossed her arms. “Chase is at home. He left hours ago and I…”

“Decided to stay long after your shift because…”

“Because I run the ER!” Cameron insisted. “I had a few nurses call out and…”

“And god help us if we have a few less high-pitched, whiny, condescending doctor wannabees strutting around this hospital like it’s a fashion show…”

Cameron pursed her lips. “I decided to stay until things calmed down. And now they’re calm.”

“Just not for your Maxwell House buddy over there.”

“I was stirring my coffee.”

“You were trying to defy physics by breaking a liquid with a spoon.”

Cameron held her hands up in defeat. “Whatever,” she remarked, no longer able to think of witty comebacks. Let him win, she thought. The game was all he had.

House grinned victoriously. “Trouble in paradise?” he asked, turning the conversation back to Chase.

Cameron tensed. “Chase and I are fine. We don’t spend every waking minute together, contrary to your suction cup theory.”

“My theories are rarely ever wrong,” he insisted. “And if you recall, my theory was that the wombat clung to you, not the other way around.”

Cameron nodded. “Then you’re admitting that it’s perfectly normal for me to be sitting in the break room, away from Chase, attempting to enjoy a cup of coffee?”

House shook his head. “No, I’m implying that it’s very out of character for you to be sitting in the break room, away from Chase, not touching your cup of coffee, when you’re no longer needed here for the day.” He gestured to the clock. “It’s four a.m.”

“I can tell time.”

“I always knew you had something the other doctors didn’t,” he replied mockingly. “I didn’t however peg you to be at the center of the hospital’s latest juicy rumor.”

“Rumor?” Cameron questioned, now completely drawn in.

House slapped his hands together, pleased that he had finally obtained her full attention. “Apparently, we’re the talk of the town,” he grinned maliciously, raising his eyebrows at her.

Cameron’s lips twisted into a scowl. “Oh,” she muttered. “That.”

That?” House questioned. “Oh, come on, we both know you’re secretly thrilled that the entire hospital thinks we’re sleeping together.”

Slept,” Cameron corrected. “Past tense. Chase asked if we slept together.”

House grinned.

Cameron rolled her eyes. “He was worried about syphilis,” she insisted. “As in, he thought that perhaps we may have slept together, and he needed to know if he had anything to worry about…with stds.”

House nodded. “Right,” he laughed. “And let me guess, when you brilliant doctors discovered that I did not in fact have syphilis, Chase just let this whole discussion drop, because the possibility of an std was all he was really worried about.”

Cameron shot him daggers. “I’m not in love with you,” she replied firmly.

“I never said you were,” House mused. “So touchy, though. But, really, all I’m curious to know is what you ended up telling our little mate.”

Cameron mustered some dignity. “I didn’t tell him anything,” she insisted. “I told him it was none of his business…not to mention how unprofessional it was to bring it up in front of the interns.”

House shrugged. “Perhaps since Thirteen goes both ways, he was just throwing out your openness to having sex with coworkers to see if she’d go for it.”

Cameron sighed. “Go away, House.”

He smirked. “You can’t avoid his question forever,” he replied, pleased as punch with his ability to trigger such a defensive response from her.

“I think I can handle my relationship with Chase much better without advice from someone who hasn’t been in a relationship in years,” Cameron challenged, without much success. Any normal person might have been cut by her remark, but House? She knew calling him on his lack of relationship skills wouldn’t even graze him.

“Okay, don’t get your panties in a twist,” House joked. “Though the rumor mill would love to know I caused that.”

“Shut up,” she spat, standing up and dumping her untouched coffee in the sink. She slammed the mug down on the counter, indicating that she wasn’t going to be remaining for the rest of his attack on her. She walked over to the door, causing him to spin his chair around. He looked up at her expectantly.

“Okay, okay,” House remarked. “I just was curious as to whether you were going to lie to the guy or not.”

“I don’t…”

“You do lie Cameron,” House replied quickly. “People just don’t expect you to. You probably do it better than most. And, as you told our dear friend Wilson, everybody lies.”

Cameron clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. “Well, fine. Everybody lies. It’s true.”

“Couldn’t agree more!” House exclaimed. “So, what’ll it be?”

Cameron sighed. “This is none of your business.”

House pretended to look offended. “Cameron, it involves me!” he grinned. “Come on, I need to know the story we’re sticking to,” he teased.

Cameron crossed her arms. “If he asks, I’m going to tell him that we didn’t sleep together. If he asks, which he probably won’t, because he’s able to recognize that whatever happened or didn’t happen in the past is…”

“Oh, he’s going to ask,” House assured her. “You know he’s going to ask.”

Cameron nodded. “Of course he’ll ask again,” she admitted.

House studied her. “And you’re going to deny it?”

Cameron nodded slowly.

House nodded, eyes retreating downward momentarily, an expression crossing his face that Cameron couldn’t quite place. He quickly recovered however, eyes darting back to hers. He shrugged. “Everybody lies,” he repeated.

Cameron felt like she’d been shot. His eyes taunted hers, forcing her to realize that nothing she said could erase the past or change how she felt about it. “Yeah,” she agreed quietly, stumbling out into the hallway, the urge to run away from him suddenly very dire. She couldn’t erase his eyes from her memory. The cold, unforgiving truth glaring back at her, demanding that she recognize something she’d tried desperately to repress.

Perspiration lined her brow as she clamored down the hallway. She felt like she was being followed the entire way to the elevator, her heart beating fiercely. Only when the steel doors slammed shut was she was able to breathe again. She pressed her back against the wall, exhaling and inhaling deeply to slow her pulse. She stared at her reflection in the metal in front of her. She no longer reeked of innocence and naivety. She’d learned how to cope with her emotional nature. She’d learned how to retreat and how to hide within herself. She’d learned how to keep herself eerily calm under the most pressing of circumstances.

She felt nauseous as the green eyes glaring back at her flickered. Who the hell had she become?

The answer haunted her.


Reviews are welcome, and I apologize for any inaccuracies. This is my first House fic and I’m trying to keep the characters true to their personalities. Please review…I can’t say I’ll continue this story (because really, where could it go from here?), but I do however promise to write more.

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