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10 October 2010 @ 01:58 pm
for laughing at your jokes  
for laughing at your jokes
greek; casey, cappie; implied potential casey/cappie.
spoilers for all aired episodes. one-shot fic where Casey is waiting to catch her plane to D.C.

Her fingers tap listlessly against the arm rest as she stares up at the flight schedule for the hundredth time. Her flight to Washington D.C. boards in ten minutes, at exactly 7:05. Her knee shakes involuntarily as she stares at the same page in her book that she’s been re-reading since she arrived two hours before. She’s not able to retain any information apart from the fact that in ten minutes, she’s leaving everything behind, perhaps forever.

She tries not to think of her former life at Cyprus-Rhodes, tries to bite back the memories and forget the comforting feeling of being somewhere familiar and safe. Her life has always been just that, safe, and now she’s leaving familiarity behind and starting over again, all alone.

Casey Cartwright has never been truly alone a day in her life.

“Almost time,” the man across from her notes and Casey shoots him a dry smile. He nods and stands up, walking over to the terminal to gather in line with everyone else.

Casey lets out a deep breath and reaches for her bag.

“I got it.”

For a moment she refuses to look up, closing her eyes tightly.

“Knowing you, it’s probably really heavy.”

She wills herself to open her eyes, both surprised and terrified by the person standing in front of her.

“Yeah well, I never did learn how to pack light,” she half-jokes.

He grins. “No you didn’t.”

They stand there like that, their two hands touching on the handle of her bag, for a few long seconds. Casey has to remind herself how to breathe.

Finally, she finds the nerve to ask.

“Cap, what are you doing here?”

He stares at her for a while, mouth opening and closing several times, as if he can’t find the right words. It’s always been this way with them, bad timing and the wrong words. He doesn’t want to ruin it this time. She can tell.

She doesn’t rush him. She waits.

“I just...I didn’t want it to end like this,” he admits finally, his eyes skirting the floor sheepishly.

Casey smiles lightly and shrugs. “I...I didn’t want it to end,” she remarks casually, trying to prevent tears from welling up in her eyes.

Cappie nods and smiles awkwardly. “God, I’m gonna miss you, Case.”

Something snaps within her. The tears she’s been fighting spill out and her lower lip quivers as her body loses all self-control.

She crumbles.

Before she loses all control, Cappie’s arms are around her, pulling her closely against his body. She digs her fingers into the cotton cloth of his tee shirt, breathing in the scent of him as she sobs quietly. Her cheek slides against his chest as she cries, willing herself over and over again to stop.

“Now boarding Flight 257 to Washington D.C.”

Cappie squeezes her shoulder and kisses her forehead slowly.

“That’s me,” she manages, trying desperately to wipe her tears with the back of her hand. Cappie strokes her hair and looks up at the passengers entering the gateway.

“So this is it,” Cappie remarks as Casey takes a step back.

She nods quickly. “Yeah, this is it.”

“I always thought there’d be dramatic music playing, you know, with a montage of our pictures or something.”

Casey laughs. She hates that he can still make her laugh this easily. “Shut up, Cap.”

He grins weakly. “You know where to find me.”

Casey turns back to him. She’s not sure what he means by this, but she nods anyways. “Yeah,” she responds.

“Last call for Flight 257. Last call.”

“I gotta....” she begins, pointing over her shoulder to the gate.

“Yeah. I know.”

“Thanks for coming,” she says, and she means it. They never did have a proper goodbye. She thinks back to the previous Spring, of how well they'd adapted to avoiding each other.

“Least I could do,” he mumbles, studying her as she reaches for her bag.

She hesitates.

“You have to go,” he tells her, staring at her regretfully. “Casey, you have to go.”

She nods, tears threatening to fall again. “I know,” she begins, slowly making her way towards the terminal. “I just...I can’t believe it’s over.”

It’s loud as she hurries over to the terminal. The airline employee punches her ticket and points her in the direction of the gate. In front of her two kids laugh loudly as they run past their parents, their voices overpowering the words of the airport worker. Casey’s world spins.

“Who says it’s over?”

Her heart stops. She sucks in her breath painfully. She isn’t sure if he says this, or if she’s thinking it, or if she’s merely wishing he was saying it.

“Ma’am, the plane’s about to depart, you have to hurry.”

She clenches her jaw as she struggles with tears.

It almost kills her, but she doesn’t look back.
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