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27 May 2010 @ 09:09 pm
Flashforward recap (the end)  
I have issues, issues, issues with this episode and I cannot get over the show's demise.

Ugh, well first of all, I was really nervous about the way it would end. I think it ended perfectly. It wasn't all wrapped up in a pretty little bow, but it did answer some important questions.

That ending scene though, my god. With Charlie? My prediction is something happened with Mark and he had to flee the country or was kidnapped, etc. I believe she was speaking to Lloyd and that the letter in her hand was the last letter from her dad, and that she just figured out he was still alive. UGH.

What kills me is that it would have been a phenomenal season two. PHENOMENAL.

I love that Nicole was rescued. Keiko/Bryce reuinion was cute. Janis? Love her and I adore that the sex of her baby changed if only to show nothing is set in stone. I have to admit I was afraid that Simon might strangle Demitri, but I'm really glad that didn't happen.

Olivia and Lloyd? I wanted more, I won't lie, but I love that they didn't rush it. You assume by Olivia's confession about no longer "fighting the future" that she's ready to be with him and it was just perfect.

Love that they make it to 2015, so that we're not wondering if the world will be ending in 2014. They threw us a bone there at least...

I don't want to say goodbye. I'm not ready.

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Courtney: FLASHFORWARD: destiny gets nervoushelen_halliwell on May 28th, 2010 11:10 am (UTC)
The shirt comment was hilarious. I love those two!

Yes, I'd assume Nicole would start seeing Edward...I thought it was cute that she was so shocked that someone "saw her". Adorable.

I agree, I'm really pissed at ABC...so angry.

Oh, I will definitely be writing fic. Need a few days to wrap my head around the ending, but fic is coming, I promise you!
Camilla Sandman: Lloyd and Olivia - not Camelotmisscam on May 28th, 2010 08:51 am (UTC)
I agree - this was a very cool season finale, but as far as series finale goes... Gah, it just made me want another season. I got the impression everyone had flashforwards to different times this go around, which would have been awesome to explore.

I did like how everyone's future was fairly the same in essence, but varied in details. I had suspected for a while that Nicole's flash was actually a dude saving her from drowning, so hah. I was very pleased Demetri made it, but Lita doing a Janis-napping? Boo! I wanted Demetri and Janis to raise that baby as BFFs. I will make up a future in my head where Janis gets herself free through sheer awesome and then takes the whole organisation down.

I liked Lloyd and Olivia a whole lot. Also, one of the future flashes was of a wedding, so it's possible to take that as a sort of confirmation, if the implications weren't bilboard glaring already. I would have liked more, lots more, but I did like what I got. Also, how cute did Lloyd look when Olivia was talking about the future happening?

But damn, I have a lot I want resolved:

- Charlie's last scene - 'He' could be anyone, but a fair good guess would be Mark. That could imply all sorts of things and argh, too many options.
- Lita and the Janis-napping. Revenge for Janis being a double agent, or something to do with Janis's baby?
- What is the tie between Jericho and the blackout exactly? What is Tracy's part?
- Those damn rings, how do they work?
- Will Bryce and Keiko actually make it work? She's still wanted by the INS and they don't actually know each other.

... And lots more I can't think of now, since it's early in the morning. Um. Right. I have a fic to finish now, and probably plot material for more, if I want. Right.
Courtney: FLASHFORWARD: don't think i'll confesshelen_halliwell on May 28th, 2010 11:07 am (UTC)
I agree, so much was left unanswered.

I wasn't sure if they were all flashing forward to different times or if the note in Charlie's hand was just old? Ugh. This damn show.

Okay, that WAS Janis at the end being kid-napped? I wasn't sure. We had a storm going on and the TV kept going in and out...I was shouting at my screen every two seconds.

Yes, the tie between Jericho would have been interesting.

I think Lloyd perhaps with Simon's help would have figured out how to stop the blackouts. Demitri would have gone after Janis-- I'm sure of that much.

If Bryce married Keiko right away, they can't take her back to China...it's a stretch, but since they're already in love....

Yes, fic please. Lots of fic!!!
Camilla Sandman: Lloyd and Olivia - walk with memisscam on May 28th, 2010 11:46 am (UTC)
Hard to say if they were flashing to the same time or not - but we saw one banner that had 2015 on it, yet Charlie looked older than 11-12, which she would be in 2015. I am not sure, since we didn't get anyone's reaction to what they'd seen properly. Or comparisons between them. In my head, it's different times, just to make it cooler.

Yes, Janis was definitely napped. Lita, that chick Simon slept with that had the tattoo, was wearing one of the rings and came to wheel Janis away.

Lloyd did crack the tachyon constant, so I assume he and Simon together would figure out some more permanent solution to prevent blackouts. That is, if Simon got himself out of deep doodoo with the FBI. He probably would have helped Demetri to find Janis as well - actually, that show I so would have watched: Simon and Demetri partnering to save Janis, and Janis managing to get out of it on her own.

Bryce did learn Japanese, so maybe he could go back to Japan with Keiko. *shrugs* Or maybe the chaos around another blackout made the INS have other concerns for a while.

I have posted one fic.